President’s Message

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Here at Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream it is our intention to serve families, our guests, the community, and the team members of our company in a manner that reinforces the core values below.

In addition, a personal goal of mine is to assist individuals in their efforts to take themselves to the next level of achievement in their lives.

We so often love to hear the stories from our guests about birthday parties they had at our restaurants when they were children, or from those who don't like sauerkraut but love the Special (Canadian bacon and sauerkraut), or from the many who state that Happy Joe's has the best taco pizza in the world.

It’s these lasting and enjoyable impressions that we hope to create through our fun, family-friendly atmosphere. We invite you to take the next possible opportunity to visit a Happy Joe’s near you…enjoy!

Vision Statement

Happy Joe’s will exceed its guests’ expectations in a manner that creates word-of-mouth praise, which will propel us into infinite success.

Happy Joe’s Core Values

Happy Joe’s has established the following core values to serve as guidelines for all team members to work within. Any actions that clearly fall into the following values that are not illegal, do not pose bodily or financial harm to another, and do not compromise any of the core values form the Happy Joe’s culture.

  1. Fun

    Happy Joe’s encourages an atmosphere for all team members and guests to enjoy their experience.

  2. Quality Image

    Everything we do shall be done in the spirit of excellence. What we do will be done to portray the highest standards to our guests, and team members regarding products, people, service, and atmosphere.

  3. Community Involvement

    Happy Joe’s is committed to participating in our local communities to a degree that shows our communities that we appreciate the support that has allowed us to be a successful business.

  4. Fairness

    Everyone we work with and around will always be treated the way we would want to be treated. This is a component to decision-making that should help when an unclear answer is at hand.

  5. Balance

    Happy Joe’s will promote an environment that is sensitive to both the personal and career goals of our team members.

  6. Risk-Taking

    Happy Joe’s encourages managed risk-taking. We want you to “think outside the box” to create new areas of guest satisfaction, product ideas, and operational systems.